Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phil Soven's Reality Show Becomes a Reality on MTV

Phil & Bob Soven (and friends) are confirmed to be featured in an MTV reality show called Wake Brothers. The series is produced by Pink Sneakers Productions and MTV executives. After several days of shooting experimental footage with MTV's crew, Phil is ecstatic that the show got picked up. "I'm so happy this worked out," Phil said. "It's not only a great opportunity for myself and my brother, but it's really cool for wakeboarding to get this kind of exposure." Stay tuned to our blog for air dates.

Here is the excerpt from the article on

"Other series include Wake Brothers, which introduces viewers to the No. 1 pro wakeboarder, Philip Soven, and his 19-year-old brother Bob. The series is produced by Pink Sneakers Productions, with Kimberly Cowin and John Ehrad exec producing alongside MTV's Tony DiBari and Karen Frank. Patt Parillo is the exec in charge for the network."

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