Friday, March 11, 2011

John & Katie's Ebony and Extreme Green VLX!

We recently received a message from Malibu boat (@MalibuBoats) owner and Malibu Crew member John. He let us know that this 2010 Ebony and Extreme Green Wakesetter VLX we posted in the new Malibu Boats Exterior & Interior Color Example Flickr Gallery is actually his new boat. The photo was taken on the factory floor when John and his wife Katie's Malibu boat was going through production. John wrote, “It's cool to see her on the Malibu website. She looks even more impressive on the water! We ordered the VLX from Idaho Watersports, some of the nicest folks around”

Thank you John for letting us know! We have include the detailed description of John and Katie's color scheme for anyone looking into Malibu Boats color options. If you need more ideas visit the Exterior & Interior Color Example Gallery on the Malibu Boats Flickr Channel.

Hull Base: Ebony Hull Main: Ebony Hull Accent: Ebony Hull Accent 2: Extreme Green Deck Base: Ebony Deck Main: Ebony Deck Accent: Ebony Deck Accent 2: Extreme Green

Main: Light Graphite (M-Grain) Base: Moonbeam Accent: Ebony Bead: Ebony Cushion Panel: Ebony Dash Base/Accent: Ebony/Ebony Carpet: Sterling

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