Monday, September 27, 2010

Rider's Chose Illusion G3 Tower as Innovation of the Year

The Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Illusion G3 continues to tower above competitor wakeboard tower offerings even according to riders themselves. The G3 weightless fold-down tower was voted Rider’s Choice Innovation of the Year on Malibu Boats signature forward swept design; stout stainless steel tube and billet build, standard swivel combo racks and in-house construction make this wakeboard boat tower unique. What throws it into the “Innovative” category is weightless fold-down to standard garage height. Awards like’s Rider’s Choice mean a lot to the Malibu Boats Family. Customer satisfaction is why they continue to push the limits of design and function every year, which is what they have done for 2011.

The 10th annual WakeWorld Riders Choice Awards presented by CWB Board Co. was the biggest ever. For the 10th consecutive year WakeWorld gave riders the opportunity to share their opinions on Pro Riders and wake sport products. Participants visited and cast their votes during the entire month of August. In addition to being voted Rider’s Choice Boat of the Year, Malibu Boats took home Innovation of the Year for the Illusion G3 wakeboard boat tower.

Dave Williams, Editor of, wrote, “The Innovation of the Year brought another win for Malibu Boats as their new Illusion G3 tower topped the voting.”

The Illusion G3 can be collapsed in seconds with little instruction. The gas spring assisted design of the G3 tower allows for weightless fold-down. A single person can collapse this tower and does not have to be strong to do it. The Illusion G3 is so light, even with optional accessories like two pairs of Malibu Titan Alpha II speakers and an extra set of Titan Slide-of Spinner racks installed the tower can be folded with fingertips.

The Illusion G3 takes tower design and you to new heights with hybrid construction that marries the strength of all weather coated billet aluminum with the resilience and beauty of 3” stainless steel tubing. The billet tower bases and wings add another unique element of strength and style to this exclusive tower. The first tower to combine these two materials, the Illusion G3 is as much a product of strong components as it is a precision built Malibu wakeboard boat feature. The Illusion G3 is also the only wakeboards boat manufacturer built tower in the industry, which allows Malibu to control quality and cost.

When asked about the Illusion G3 being voted Rider’s Choice Innovation of the Year, Paul Singer, VP of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats, had this to say. “An award like this means more to us than just about any other because it is determined by the end user. There’s no better high-five for the Malibu Boats Family than an award like WakeWorld’s Rider’s Choice. We are grateful to all who voted and we will keep working hard to continue to push limits!”

Malibu Boats was extremely honored to have the Illusion G3 voted Rider’s Choice innovation of the Year on, but that recognition doesn’t mean the innovation stops. For 2011 Malibu Boats has pushed the limits of tower design even farther by offering this award-winning tower in white. Other 2011 G3 tower advancements include the available Flow-cam Rear View Rider Camera system, Wet Sounds Alpha II speakers as well as more wakeboard rack options. Malibu’s Illusion innovation continues.

Visit your local Malibu Boats dealer to experience the 2011 Malibu boats with the award-winning Illusion G3.

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