Monday, August 23, 2010

SBC Reports Raph Derome as the Best on Rails

Canadian Malibu boat (@MalibuBoats) owner Raphael Derome joins his brother Olivier as one of the most promising wakeboarders moving up through the ranks right now. Specifically, Raph is being pointed out for his rail-shreddin expertise. SBC Wakeboard (@SBCWakeboard) made this bold statement yesterday and backed it up with a telling video. "Raph Derome: The Best Rail Rider In The World?"

Read the title, then watch the video and make up your own mind. Also remember that Raph has won the two biggest rails contests in the world this summer: the Nokia Fise and Red Bull Wake the line. We already know where we stand on this one and if Raph doesn't win Rail Rider of the Year at the Wake Awards, we're filling an official protest. A big thanks to Jonathan Ferguson and the Still Not Famous crew for the video. - Reposted from

We'll keep you posted on the results for Rail Rider of the Year at the Wake Awards. It's hard not to agree with SBC, after seeing the video. Amazing! Malibu Boats is pulling for you Raph!

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