Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girls Ride the Wake Recap from WakeWorld.com

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) pulled the Girls Ride the Wake (@GirlsRideWake) event in Northern California earlier this month. It was a big success! WakeWorld.com (@WakeWorld) just posted this recap. Great article! Check out the full Girls Ride the Wake article and images too.

For two years now all the girl riders in Northern California get together at a lake just outside of Sacramento called Camp Far West for an annual weekend event called Girls Ride the Wake. Even though I'm not a girl, I got the chance to sneak in for a day to check out all the festivities and I must say that Becky Carter did an amazing job putting all of it together. It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.

Shelby KantarJust over 50 girls from all over the west coast had a blast and got the chance to ride and learn from some of the best female wakeboarders in the game today. Names like Shelby Kantar, Raequel and Shawna Hoffman, Jenacee Jackson, Danni Petraitis, Evelyn Nelson and Andrea Tomcik Ensminger were the stars and coaches of the weekend. These female pros switched in and out of four different Malibu and Axis boats the whole weekend spreading their knowledge and even getting to show all the girls how it's done themselves.

In addition to the four boats that Malibu forked out, Pulldozer winches provided a winch for pulling the girls over some rails and random objects next to shore, which most of the time was pure entertainment as there were some serious crashes going down. Up on shore The Liquid Playground and Hyperlite wakeboards had a booth demoing boards and even selling boards to anyone who felt like having a new board in their life.

Girls Ride The Wake After day one came to an end and the sun was on its way down to China, everyone gathered around the BBQ for some good ol’ fashioned burger eating. The crew then gathered around a giant production screen to watch the new Body Glove video, Slick City, which, of course, featured the one and only Shelby Kantar. When the video was finished, it didn’t take long for everyone to scatter to their tents and get some shut eye since it had been an extremely long day in the sun and they all had to do it again the next day.

Shawna Hoffman Day two started off bright and early with all the girls ready and raring to go along the shoreline. I had the chance to hop in the boat with Shawna Hoffman and her crew for the morning session. I got to watch Shawna coach the girls and even show them how it was really done by taking her own set. However, I must say that Shawna did a great job helping out all the ladies with, not only their riding, but showing them a good time.

When it was time to head in it was pretty much time to head out as well since most of the boats were already back in and everyone was gone. Again, Becky did an awesome job and did a lot of hard work to keep the stoke going for the grass roots of women's wakeboarding by putting on this event and getting all the sponsors which included Malibu Boats, Larson Marine, Hyperlite Wakeboards, WakeWorld.com, Screen Designs, The Liquid Playground, Fifty1Fifty, Wake Fitness Bootcamps, Belter Insurance and Fast Forward Cylinder Heads. So keep your eyes and ears open around this time next year because I'm sure you will be hearing about year three of Girls Ride The Wake.

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