Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Wakes Lenoir City, TN Tops All

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) received a Facebook
message from Malibu boat owners Neil and Faith Rupp. Neil wanted us to know about his amazing experience with Malibu boats dealer Great Wakes Boating, Inc. located in Lenoir City, TN. Neil is part owner and President of a grain and feed company in Ohio and knows how important customer service is. While on a final fling family vacation to Laurel Lake, KY, they found themselves in need of a little engine service. They called Indmar Marine Engines and found a dealer 125 miles away and yes, you guessed it Great Wakes came to their rescue!!

Neil tells us “Brett Houghton the owner, Ray the mechanic and the entire staff made us feel at home and did way above and beyond to get our family back on the water so we could enjoy what was left of our vacation. We of course weren’t a regular customer but we sure felt like it.!!! With our situation they could have taken us to the cleaners on repair costs but they treated us far more than fair. I challenge anyone to find a dealer more honest and customer service oriented. Thank you Neil Rupp Archbold Ohio”

Great Wakes is an excellent family oriented, owned and operated Malibu dealer located in Lenoir City, TN. They offer the ultimate in service, sales, and hospitality.

Thanks again Neil, for telling us about your great experience!

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Nathan said...

Thanks Neil we appreciate you as a customer and we also appreciate your feed back.