Thursday, October 30, 2008

Olympic Ice Hockey Player Natalie Darwitz Dreams of a Malibu Boat

We just found this short article published by the St. Paul Pioneer Press about Natalie Darwitz. It's actually an interview. I'm sure you're asking yourself what does Natalie Darwitz, a repeat Olympic Women's Ice Hockey medalist and assistant coach at the University of Minnesota, have to do with Malibu Boats. Well if you would have asked us before reading this article I don't think we would have been able to answer that question either, but today...

Darwitz said this in her interview with the Pioneer Press, "I'd like to live on a lake and have a Malibu boat out front. That's my dream boat. I like to ski and wakeboard in the summer. "

We are officially Natalie Darwitz fans here at Malibu Boats. The rest of the interview was pretty good too. Natalie sounds like a lot of fun and obviously she is a great hockey player. We like you too, Natalie. Thank you for appreciating Malibu Boats.

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