Saturday, October 25, 2008

Malibu Boat Owner Perspective - Pete Uyeyama

We ran into Pete Uyeyama several weeks ago at a boat test. He stopped by to check out the new 2009 Malibu boats and we got to chatting with him. Turns out he owns a Malibu boat, his second, and he feels very strongly about the way boating has affected his life and the lives of his children. Pete shared these thoughts with us and we captured them on camera.

Find out how Pete became interested in boating, what led him to buy his first boat and how he feels about the level of investment he has put into boating. Pete's stories are fun, entertaining and insightful.

Visit the Malibu Boats YouTube Channel, meet Pete Uyeyama and find out why he says, "...this [buying a boat] is an investment in my family."

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