Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Malibu Auto Wedge Boosts Performance and Saves Fuel

The Malibu Boats Patented Power Wedge now features Auto Wedge, which boosts performance and conserves fuel while pulling up or retrieving riders.

Auto Wedge, as it is appropriately named, automatically adjusts the Power Wedge to the neutral down position until the boat reaches the rider’s set-speed. This process allows the boat to get up to speed without the displacement of water the Power Wedge creates. This decreases the time it takes the boat to get on plane by 34%, reduces bow rise and improves fuel consumption by 30%. These results were recorded when Auto Wedge was independently tested by Medallion Instrumentation Systems and Indmar Marine Engines using the Advanced Wakeboard Preset.

To learn more about Auto Wedge visit the October issue of the Malibu Boats E-newsletter. Or take a look at this short Malibu Boats video demonstrating Auto Wedge operation.

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