Monday, May 19, 2008

Club Malibu Members will Hang with Pros at Malibu Open

It’s one thing to watch professional athletes compete. It’s another to hang with them. Club Malibu members will be granted unlimited access to the athlete’s VIP area during the Malibu Open, July 18th - 20th in Oakland County Michigan at Pontiac Lake. These fortunate few will also receive up to 4 free event passes and 2 free event t-shirts per family.

The VIP area at a water sports competition is normally reserved for professional wakeboarders and water skiers. At the 2008 Malibu Open this exclusive area has been expanded to include Club Malibu members. Here these Malibu Boats family members will receive free food and drinks as well as access to their favorite pro athletes. Pros like Dallas Friday, Phillip Soven, Chad Sharpe and Randall Harris will be available for a conversation, an autograph or just a friendly hello.

If you are a Club Malibu member send an e-mail to and you can claim as many as 4 free event tickets and VIP passes as well as 2 free event t-shirts.

If you're not a Club Malibu member and you want to be, go to the ownership section of and click on “Club Malibu”.

Club Malibu is an organization of proud Malibu boat owners who receive a number of exclusive Malibu benefits in exchange for a yearly fee. Membership entitles members to their choice of a special “Club Malibu” gear package as well as a 1-year subscription to myMalibu (Malibu’s quarterly magazine), a monthly e-newsletter, VIP invitations to Malibu events, discounts on Malibu Boats gear, discounts on Malibu boat insurance and a 1-year subscription to either Wake Boarding or WaterSki Magazine.

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