Friday, May 2, 2008

Chad Sharpe digs on Malibu's VLX

Longtime Malibu Factory Rider, Chad Sharpe, recently was the subject of a short video clip put together by Alliance Magazine. In this video, Sharpe shows off his riding as well as the wakeboard boat he rides behind. Chad chooses the Malibu Wakesetter VLX. The boat featured in the video is a 2007, Chad hasn't received his '08 yet.

Chad talks about signature Malibu features that he enjoys like the Malibu Launch System (MLS). He likes the push-button operation and detailed monitoring our ballast system offers. Chad also really likes the customizable nature of the Power Wedge. In the video he shows us how to adjust the Wedge and monitor its position at the dash. Chad also did another short video for us where he describes Power Wedge operation in more detail. Most of all Chad digs the wake his Wakesetter VLX kicks-up.

Take a look at this video and Chad's sweet moves. You'll see why he is such a big part of our team.

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