Thursday, October 25, 2007

Features On Top of Features: New Rider Presets

Our mission statement begins with "Build the best boat..." and continues with "...for a fair price...". To fulfill this pledge we build innovation and technology into our boats as standard features. This is how we honor our commitment to excellence and to our family of owners. They deserver the best boat for a fair price and we are giving them that with a host of new standard features like customizable Rider Presets.

For 2008 we have introduced a new Multiplexed Switching System, standard in almost all 2008 Malibu boats. This system has added technology to our boats to allow for new standard features like Rider Presets. Presets add value to your Malibu boat, allowing you to create as many as ten separate rider profiles that designate a specific speed, ballast levels and Power Wedge position when available.

The Malibu Boats Pro Team had a chance to try out the new Preset system during several of the DVD shoots over the last couple of months. They are hooked! Especially riders like Darin Shapiro and Gerry Nunn who teach wakeboarding on a regular basis.

We filmed Shapiro with a student last week and he was amazed at how much time the Presets saved him. "The Malibu Presets save my students and me time." Shapiro told us. "It may not sound like a big deal, but when I have four or five students in the boat and they each have a different riding level with varying speeds, ballast and Power Wedge settings, it takes time to get everything dialed in." Shapiro continued, "With the new Presets from Malibu, I select a student's Preset and engage. There's no time wasted trying to recall just where we had the Wedge or what speed I was pulling them at. It is automatic."

Check out Shapiro's school Ride the Spot.

Your 2008 Malibu boat also comes with Factory Presets. These built-in profiles were set by us, at the factory. You can choose among Factory Presets like Wakeboard Beginner, Wakeboard Intermediate, Wakeboard Advanced, Surf Right, Surf Left and Go Home. The Go Home Preset simply empties all ballast, stows the Wedge and sets the speed control to off.

To choose a Preset, push the Cruise button to the left of your In-dash LCD twice. This will take you to the Preset screen. You can scroll up and down this menu using the arrows to the right of your LCD. Arrow down to the Preset you wish to engage. Once the desired Preset is highlighted push the red button, on the left of LCD. This will cause the Preset to engage.

Depending on the Preset chosen and the way your Malibu boat is equipped, Precision Pro Speed Control will be set, ballast tanks will fill and the Patented Power Wedge will move into position.

If you have found the sweet riding spot behind your Malibu boat and you want to create your own Preset. It's simple. With the speed control, ballast and Power Wedge set to your sweet spot, push the "cruise" button twice. Then scroll down to an empty Preset location and push the "E" button to edit this Preset and add your sweet spot setting. With "Name" highlight push the "E" button. Using the arrow buttons you will be able to name your Preset "MySweetSpot". Then scroll down to "Save Preset" and push the "E" button again. This will save your new Preset and take you back to the main Preset screen. Now anytime you want to recall those sweet spot settings for a riding session simple select "MySweetSpot" in your Preset menu.

You can overwrite any of the factory Presets if you choose to. Using the procedure outlined above, just highlighting the factory Preset you wish to overwrite instead of an empty one.

And if you find that you would like to restore your factory Presets at some point. You can do that too. Go to the Setup menu and highlight "Presets" and push the "E" button. Then push "E" again to reset and you are back to where you started.

For more detailed instruction on Malibu Presets download theMalibu Boat Owner's Manual: Preset Section.

The new Malibu Boats Presets are just one more standard feature in a long list. Advancements like this prove we continue to strive to build you the best boat, for a fair price and fun doing it. That is our mission and we will never stop pushing limits to achieve it.

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