Monday, October 8, 2007

Relating to Malibu: Tom King Phototgraphy

At Malibu Boats relationships are as valuable as the boats we produce. This truth is visible in our unwavering customer service efforts as well as our endless innovations made possible through strong vendor ties. But the relationships further removed from the selling and production of the boats themselves are just as important.

This week I thought you might be interested to learn about the long standing friendship and business relationship we share with Tom King of Tom King Photography. Tom has been taking photos for Malibu Boats for 17 years. His images of Malibu boats have appeared in 18 brochures as well as countless ads and other marketing media.

To view a gallery of Tom King's Malibu Boats photography as well as some fun shots of Tom visit Malibu Boats on .

We have augmented the Malibu Boats portfolio with other photographers over the years, when the need arises, but Tom has remained a constant. Why you ask? Simple... Tom has the vision and the "can do" attitude that we seek in our partners.

We dream big at Malibu and because of that we are always pushing limits. Tom is also a pusher of limits. He has captured scenes with a boat and/or a water sports athlete that defy comprehension. ( Tom doesn't see the reasons why something can't be done. He makes things happen and often times the result he captures is better than we could have imagined.

Tom's supporting cast also has a lot to do with his success as a photographer and the amazing images he captures for Malibu Boats. Tom's photo boat driver, T.,J. Beatty and his assistant Rob Snow are both part of Tom's winning team. T.J. drives the photo boat and builds the rigs, while Rob takes the role of digital tech, now that the industry has moved to digital photography, and camera assistant. Thanks to the excellent relationship Tom shares with these two, he can concentrate on vision and of course the important process of point, focus and click.

Tom has been in the industry for more than 25 years. He was one of the first professional water sports photographers. Yet he still manages to reinvent himself and hone his craft to remain competitive and sharp. Like Malibu Boats he is on top, but continues to push himself and others around him to be better.

Most recently Tom has gone digital. The 2008 Malibu Boats brochure is comprised almost entirely of digital photography and it has never looked more beautiful or showcased the boats better.

Tom is an integral part of the Malibu Team. His talent and the talent of the individuals supporting him help make us better. Having the power of his keen eye, imagination and follow-through, allows Malibu Boats to push limits even in the area of photography and marketing. We know no limits thanks to relationships like this one.

Malibu Boats and Tom King Photography, pushing limits.

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