Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thomas Degasperi Presents Jersey To Italy's Oldest Soccer Club

Born in Trento, Italy, slalom champion Thomas Degasperi is more than a big deal in his homeland. The popularity and appeal of "T-Gas" sometimes transcends water skiing into opportunities like being a contestant on Italy's Dancing With The Stars earlier this year. 

Recently, Italy's oldest soccer (football) club requested Degasperi's face and talents to help present their new, official jersey to the organization. Genoa, a cricket and football club founded in 1893, has played in the same stadium since 1911 and is a staple in Genoa culture and history. The staff was looking for a new, creative way to to impress 15 national television cameramen and 25 magazine/newspaper photographers.

That's when Degasperi got a call from his footwear/apparel sponsor, Lotto, who also sponsors the Genoa soccer team. Degasperi was psyched to hear their idea, "Basically, they had dozens of cameramen and media on the dock, and they all had no idea how the jersey was going to be presented. Then, the Response LX comes flying around the seawall, with me skiing behind it, wearing the new jersey. I looked at the group and everyone was dropping their jaw."

This creative presentation went viral online. Within minutes, millions of people were watching T-Gas shredding while representing the sport of water skiing as a class act.

The following segment appeared on Sky, the biggest TV station in Europe with over 30 million viewers. The event also aired on multiple networks and showed up in newspapers nationwide. Patrick Planatscher from Malibu Boats Italia, supplied a Response LX for the big event.

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