Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Malibu Owners Shine At Worlds

A big congrats goes out to all our dedicated Malibu owners, whose hard work paid off at the 2011 WWA Worlds! All of these riders have been working hard all summer and share the same common bond of our Malibu lifestyle. Read below for your chance to be recognized in the Malibu family!

Cory Teunissen -- 1st Place -- Boys Division (10-13)

What a year for Australia's Cory Teunissen, who not only won the Boys Division at Worlds, but also took home 1st at Australia's Queensland State Championships as well as 1st at the Australian Nationals. He also came in 2nd at the International Wakeboard Association Championships in Milan, Italy. Cory rides at home with his father Jeff, who owns a pair of Wakesetters in Australia. Congrats!

Shelby King -- 3rd Place -- Girls Division

With help from her father, Shawn King (also a Malibu owner), Shelby had a clean run, landing in 3rd place in the Girls Division. Watch her ride online at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eZNsiwrSu4

Mitch Kappler -- 3rd Place -- Boys Division (10-13)

Kappler, the only 10-year-old in the division rallied up to third place. His riding back home definitely paid off, supported by his father Brent, mother Renee and older brother Jake.

Hunter Henderson -- 1st Place -- Jr. Boys Division

9-year-old Hunter Henderson, fresh off his Wake Games victory in May, took first in Jr. Boys at Worlds. His home riding on Lake Wylie in the Carolina's definitely paid off behind his Wakesetter 24/7. He also has been riding with Cobe and Tarah Mikacich behind their V-Ride while in Orlando. Keep it rolling, Hunter!

If you are a Malibu owner who is proud of your accomplishments, please e-mail kevco@kevcomedia.com. Whether you performed well at a contest, filmed a new trick or just want to submit cool photos from your day on the lake, this is your chance!

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