Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Malibu Goes 3D in 2011

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats ) introduces the 3-discipline Wakesetter VTX for boarding, surfing and skiing.

Malibu Boats, long regarded for their incredible performance versatility has raised the bar once again with the 2011 Wakesetter 3DVTX. Founded on the Cut Diamond hull and equipped with the exclusive Power Wedge and quad ballast system the 3DVTX does what no other boat has come close to accomplishing. It has achieved world class levels in the most diverse disciplines in water sports – Slalom, Wake and Surfing. If your family loves to be together but has divided interests in water sports the 3DVTX could be the answer for you. Visit your local Malibu Dealer or 2011 Boat Show to get a sneak peak and set up your personal demo ride.

Additional Information
Wakesetter 3DVTX video on YouTube
Wakesetter 3DVTX images on Flickr

The Malibu Wakesetter VTX is known for big wakes and big comfort in a 20-foot package, but thanks to Malibu’s versatile Cut Diamond hull there’s another side to this wakeboard boat. Malibu hesitates to call the VTX a crossover because they don’t feel that label does it justice. Typically the crossover designation insinuates you are giving up specific professional level performance in exchange for average versatility. That is not the case with the VTX.

The 3DVTX is designed to give you the optimum slalom wake with the ability to supremely displace the hull. There is no compromise in the wake or surf disciplines. This boat helps you excel no matter what your water sports passion. Malibu Boats has pushed the limits of the cross over to another dimension with the 3DVTX.

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