Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Amazing Malibu Boat Show Savings!

Huge Malibu Boat (@MalibuBoats) Show savings! Free exclusive Rider features! And a free exclusive preloaded customer iPad for qualifying new boats sold through April 2, 2011!

The Touch of Summer Winter Boat Show Promotion is helping you get warmed-up with huge boat show discounts and more than $2500 in innovative factory options, like the Patented Power Wedge. Individuals cashing in on this extreme savings before April 2, 2011 will also receive an iPad loaded with the ultimate digital Malibu boating experience.

Get the best price on a Malibu boat and realize a savings of over $2500 in factory options when you purchase a Malibu boat at a boat show near you. And if that wasn’t enough to get you to the boat show, participating Malibu Dealers are giving an Apple iPad away with new qualifying Malibu boats purchased during shows. But this is no ordinary iPad. The Touch of Summer Boat Show Promotion includes a preloaded iPad with the Malibu Experience App designed to entertain and support you as a Malibu boat owner. So warm up with a smoking deal on a Malibu and a free iPad this boat show season.

Add exclusive Malibu Boats options to your qualifying new boat purchase during boat shows this winter. Depending on the Touch of Summer option chosen you will realize more than $2500 in savings. Looking to harness the exclusively versatile wake-making power of the Patented Power Wedge, choose Option A. Want to temper your wake pop with enhanced musical entertainment? Pick two Malibu accessories from Option B. Or load up your Malibu Illusion G3 tower with two items from Option C.

Choose ONE Malibu Factory Option Package (CHOOSE OPTION A, B OR C BELOW)

Power Wedge Option A
• Exclusive Malibu Power Wedge System

Ride Option B (PICK 2)
• Manual Wedge
• Alpha II Tower Speakers
• 2ND Pair Alpha II Speakers
• 2ND Set of Racks

Tower Accessory Option C (PICK 2)
• Alpha II Tower Speakers
• 2nd Pair of Alpha II Tower Speakers
• 2nd Set of Wakeboard Racks

If you're looking for another reason to make this the year for a Malibu boat purchase, here you go. Buy a new qualifying Malibu boat at the boat show this winter and receive a preloaded iPad with exclusive, interactive Malibu content. Malibu has packed this iPad with great stuff to be used on and off the boat. The Malibu Experience iPad App includes an interactive owner's manual, buyer training, automatically updated wakeboarding content, a step by step beginner's guide to Malibu boating, intermediate rider and driver how tos as well as a dealer connect feature.

Preloaded iPad with exclusive, interactive Malibu content.
• Interactive Owner's Manual – Index/contents, maintenance schedule and integrated video links

• Buyer Training Support – Video segments showing how to use each Malibu feature/function and interactive pre-boat safety checklist

• Advanced Malibu Experience App Update – High-end wakeboarding content only available through the Malibu Buyer's iPad and updated automatically throughout 2011

• Beginner's Guide Content – Segments showing new Malibu inboard boat buyers how to get started

• Intermediate Rider Driver How-Tos – Service-oriented content to help Malibu owners take their on-water experience up a notch

• Dealer Connect Feature – App that sends push notifications about events and promotions at your local dealer

Contact your local Malibu Boats Dealer or simply drop by a Malibu Boat Show near you this winter. Malibu's Touch of Summer Winter Boat Show Promotion will melt away with the snow. This amazing deal ends April 2, 2011.

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