Monday, October 25, 2010

Jaquess Smashes 14-year-old World Record Twice

Team Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) newest water skiing addition, Regina Jaquess put a Response LXi ski boat to good use on October 23rd and 24th setting two consecutive pending world records in Women's Slalom, something that has not been done even once in the last 14 years. Regina scored 1 1/4 @ 41 off on Saturday and 1 1/2 @ 41 off on Sunday at Cory Pickos World Ski Center in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

The current Women's Slalom World Record of 1 @ 41 off was set in 1996 by Kristi Overton and tied by Karina Nowlan in 2008 and by Regina in 2009. For the last 14 years the best any female slalom skier could do was tie this record, until October 23rd and 24th, 2010.

Sharing the Women's World Slalom Record of 1 @ 41 off since July of 2009, Regina has been striving to own the record outright. She recently signed with Malibu Boats in an effort to do just that. Regina felt skiing behind the Response LXi gave her an edge and bolstered her ability to break the record. Looks like this strategy paid off.

Regina skied in the Red Bar Belgian Open on Saturday, October 23, 2010. In her first record-setting run she fell soon after the 1 ball @ 41 off, but held on long enough to capture 1/4 of the next buoy. That sent the first pending world record of 1 1/4 @ 41 off.

Regina was confident that she could capture at 1 1/2 buoys at 41' off so she went back out behind the Malibu Boats Response LXi on Sunday even more determined. And sure enough at the Eddie Green Open on October 24, 2010 she set her second pending Women's Slalom World Record in Santa Rosa Beach at back to back competitions.

When we asked Jaquess her feelings about her new Response LXi ski boat that pulled her to these two records she had this to say, “This boat is awesome! I have run more 39s behind it than any other boat. The wakes are so small and the boat makes the pull seem so easy you hardly even know how short the rope really is.” Jaquess continued, “I just set two new pending world records and that has a lot to do with the Response LXi.”

"We could not be any prouder of Regina and the job she did this past weekend. We were simply excited to welcome her to the team, but to see her set 2 pending world records in as many days, was amazing!" Dennis Kelley, National Promo Team Director for Malibu Boats, went on to say, "We respect her dedication and determination. She's an inspiration and an asset to the sport of water skiing!"

Regina was skiing behind a 2011 Response LXi with a Monsoon 350 (350hp) engine. Her slalom ski is a GOODE 9900SL with PS5 boots.

Visit your local Malibu Boats dealer to experience the record-breaking performance that pro athletes and families seek in the 2011 Response LXi.

“My sponsors Goode, Eagle Sports, Performance Ski and Surf, Masterline, Wileys, and Girls 4 Sports have helped me become #1, and joining Team Malibu is allowing me to stay #1!” Jaquess said.

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