Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny Malibu Decal Stories

For the past couple of Mondays Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) has given away a Malibu Monday Prize to get the Malibu Nation off to a great week. This past Monday we decided to give away a Stainless Malibu Boats Emblem. The winner of the emblem would have to share a fun Malibu vehicle decal story. We posted the Malibu Monday Prize details on Facebook, Twitter and TheMalibuCrew.com. We asked Malibu boats enthusiasts to post their stories and/or photos in these areas. Check out the Malibu Facebook Fan Page and this thread on TheMalibuCrew.com for a look at some of the responses. There are some pretty good ones. In fact we had two hilarious stories that we couldn't choose between so we actually ended up giving away two Stainless Malibu Boats Emblems.

Winner #1: Levi Clarke (Malibu Crew Member)
There isn't a Malibu dealership around where I live. So when I see one I HAVE to stop. My wife and I were headed down to North Carolina and we swung into a dealership. I'm pretty sure it was in Mass (East Coast Flightcraft), but I'm not 100%sure. I bought a Malibu decal, a pretty big one for my wifes TSX. I borrowed a tape measure and soap pen from one of the techs out back. I spent about 15 mins marking up the rear window of the car to make sure it was centered and level. (I know I'm a little nuts)

I finally stick the thing on, peel off the transfer, take a step back and admire my handy work. At that exact moment I noticed 2 things at once.

1) Someone had put Mass plates on my VT car???

2) Some woman is walking at me like she owns my car??

Holy crap, I just spent 20 mins putting a sticker on someone elses Silver TSX!

Worst part about it, the lady says to me "Thanks" and burns outta the parking lot!

Winner #2: (Facebook Fan)
A few years ago, I was coming out of a movie theater headed toward my SUV when I heard someone say "You got a Malibu?". I turned and noticed this guy standing next to his truck parked a couple spaces down. He asked me that q...uestion because of the Malibu decal on the back window of my SUV. I replied "I have the best boat on the planet, do you know them?". Turns out he had a Response and we talked about Bu's for a minute or so. The whole time we talked this guy looked really familiar, but I couldn't place him. As we were wrapping it up we shook hands. I told him my name, and he told me his. That's when it hit me. He was a proctologist that I had seen a few months earlier, for an "issue" I had. Out of context I didn't recognize him. Needless to say the last time we saw each other we weren't "shaking hands". This awkward moment wouldn't have happened without my proudly displayed Malibu Boats decal on the back window of my SUV. :-)

We would like to thank the winning Malibu boat owners as well as all of the other participants for posting these great stories and making our Monday more fun.

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