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Malibu Boats Pushing Limits with 2011 Model Line-up

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) unveils new innovations in the form of 2011 models, features and options.

2011 might be Malibu Boats’ most groundbreaking model year to date. From subtle details to huge industry-altering developments, Malibu engineers have just kept pushing when it comes to their wakeboard and water ski boats. When others were throttling back Malibu was dropping the hammer on more performance, technology and innovation. The result is a pair of new water sports boats, new features that obsolete the word “standard” and new options that push Malibu boat customization past the limit.

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New Wakesetter & Sunscape 247 LSV
Malibu Boats put even more stretch into these limos with room for 17. The Wakestter and Sunscape 247 LSVs have been redesigned inside and out. A new helm offers the driver a performance car look and feel while the new transom seating adds another fun place to hangout with more swimstep accessible wet storage. Get customize for no extra charge choosing between the WetTek floor with snap-out carpet and the Mantex floor with hull-to-hull carpeting. Lined with more hand-covered parts, the new interior features LED-lit stainless emblems and has the ability to accept new optional 8” Rockford Fosgate Full-range speakers. A new MH2 frameless windshield and special fresh air vents work with the new lines of the 247s to create a look as incredible as their performance. Performance that kicks-up monstrous wakes at wakeboarding and wakesurfing speeds, gives you great recreational skiing at slalom speeds and handling that rivals a much smaller water sports boat.

Paul Singer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats, had this to say about the new model year introductions. "We're not going to lie, we like to keep everyone playing catch up but our real joy comes from giving our customer our very best." Singer explained, "You see at some point, the force of innovation overtakes the laws of convention. In the 2010 Malibu line that point was near the center deck in the form of the G3 Tower. The first ever forward swept tower received the first-ever gas assisted shocks for easy fold-down. In the 2011 Malibu line that point is on the dash featuring the first ever 6.5" touch screen for control of a myriad of safety and performance systems. We call it MTC or Malibu Touch Command but we think you will call it amazing."

New Malibu Touch Command (MTC)
The new Malibu Touch Command (MTC) is amazing on so many different levels; what it is, what it does and the fact that it is standard on all Wakesetters and Sunscapes. Made with Projective Capacitive Touch Technology typically reserved for high-end personal digital devices, you won’t find a feature like MTC in a high performance car let alone anywhere else in the boating industry. Malibu Boats is way ahead of the game with touch-sensitive switching based on intuitive hi-res graphical menus of the boat’s functions. Command ballast control, Wedge adjustment, interior lighting, coded keyless ignition, available GPS navigation and more through Malibu Touch Command.

New Coded Keyless Ignition
Forget the keys. Go ahead. You won’t need them in a 2011 Malibu boat. All Malibu Wakesetter and Sunscape models have keyless ignition standard. Type in your code, touch the “Start Engine” icon and motor. No more worries about getting to the lake and forgetting the keys. Malibu’s got you covered.

New Dash & Components
Performance aside, the 2011 dash looks bad in a good way! You’ve never seen a dash like the one you’ll find in a 2011 Malibu boat. The MTC projective capacitive touch screen combined with the new Italian-made Isotta Vista Steering Wheel, the available MaliView Dash System and Rockford Fosgate Stereo touch pad; let it all sink in. Now consider the functionality housed in this dash and it’s almost unbelievable. MaliView and the Rockford Fosgate Sound System have even been upgraded for 2011 to include USB video playback and increased iPod/iPhone control. Just when you think boat design has been taken as far as it can go, Malibu Boats does it one better.

New Power LSA & L96
The new L96 6.0L (410 HP) pulls every water sport you’re into with 400 foot-pounds of torque. Low-end power or top-end speed, the L96’s Variable Valve Timing (VVT) automatically adjusts giving you the absolute best performance in either situation. And because Malibu powers boats with standard engines that are built specific and anything but standard, this one makes its home in the new 247 LSVs. The Supercharged LSA 6.2L (550 HP) tops Malibu’s list of engine options as the first production supercharged Gen-IV small block engine the marine industry has ever seen. With 545 ft-lb of torque the LSA doesn’t mess around and is available in all 23-247 foot Wakesetters and Sunscapes.

New White Illusion G3 Tower & Accessories
The G3 tower set 2010 on fire with insane popularity for durability, function and design. The Illusion G3 Gas Spring Assisted Tower follows the lines of a Malibu boat so well you can now get it in black or white. To finish the custom look, Malibu Titan Tower accessories like lights and speakers can be colored to match.

New Flo-cam Rear View Rider Camera System
The Malibu Boats Flo-cam Rear View Rider Camera System pushes the limits of typical action sports cameras way outside the box. This smooth swiveling camera follows the athlete in tow with fluid motion. The Flo-cam can be adjusted to your water sport of choice and is viewable live or recorded through the MaliView Dash System. Captured footage is easily editable and the camera itself can be used in any number of action sports situations thanks to its multi-dimensional design. Watch yourself reach new heights behind a 2011 Malibu boat.

Check out photos of the entire 2011 model line-up on the Malibu Boats Flickr Channel.

Visit your local Malibu Boats dealer to experience the 2011 models, features and options that are pushing limits in the wakeboard and ski boat industry.

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