Friday, July 30, 2010

Hunt Family Malibu Wakesetter VLX

This Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) 2010 Wakesetter VLX belongs to the Hunt Family, Greg, Brenda, Nate and Victoria. Greg explains how he became the proud owner of his second Malibu Boat!

"We’ve been a boating family since the summer of 1982 after my wife bought our first speed boat for our 1st year anniversary present. It was only a 15 foot deep V tri-hull with an 80 hp outboard with several years of use on it... but it was wonderful. That’s what started our boating enjoyment. We kept the boat for a few years and moved up to a 19 foot V hull with a 230 hp inboard/outboard. We thought we couldn’t do any better than this... it was deluxe to us. It was a great boat for skiing, not so much for the wakeboard sport my kids were pursuing. We kept this boat much longer than the first boat but while attending the annual boat show I got the urge to buy a new one... a boat that would work better for wakeboarding. With two teenage kids now...they were the driving influence in my “new boat fever” desire. We looked at many brands and just as I was about to sign for what I thought was the boat for us... my son came to me saying, “Dad, did you see the Malibu boats?” Well, he was right! After visiting the Malibu Boats display there was no mistake about it, the styling, the performance, the accessories, and above all... the fabulous way we were treated by the salesman and owner is what sealed the deal. We walked away with our first 2004 Malibu VLX and we couldn’t have been happier. Six years have past of nothing but great wakeboarding and enjoyable times with our 2004 VLX, however... the “new boat fever” returned. We decided to take the plunge again and purchase our second Malibu VLX. Our new 2010 is nothing short of spectacular. We thought the first VLX could not be improved. Well... it was! Not that the 2004 was old-school, but the new one is more stylish, roomier, great performance, even more bells and whistles and let’s be honest... it turns more heads than our first one! Our family loves to boat and thanks to George, Doug and the rest of the gang at Morse Lake Inboards for the awesome way they take care of their customers, we couldn’t be happier with our Malibu"

Thank you Hunt Family for sharing your story and great photo's with us!!

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