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Malibu Blanket Winner is...

Want This Malibu Boats Blanket?We have chosen Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Facebook Fan Michael Berzins as the blanket winner. We found this one-of-kind Malibu Boats blanket last week and decided it needed to be in the hands of the Malibu Boats fan with the best reason for needing it. We offered it up to our Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans and the reasons began pouring in. We received some great responses. Some funny, some moving, some practical, some Malibu prideful and some short but sweet. We chose the case Michael made for the blanket for several reasons. 1.) Michael asked for the blanket for a friend. We liked the idea of the blanket being given as a thoughtful gift. 2.) Maybe in some small way the blanket can help Micheal's buddy heal or at the very least make him smile and think of days in his Malibu boat. 3.) Micheal has a great Facebook Profile Photo! Pink is his color. Lol!

Michael Berzins (Malibu Facebook Fan)
I need that blanket to give to a buddy of mine (who also owns a Malibu) who recently hit a tree while snowboarding. He is still in ICU at St. Charles Hospital in Bend, OR. When he finally gets to come home he is gonna have a lot of sitting around (and healing) to do. That blanket would make the healing process a little less painful. You can verify this story on TheMalibuCrew's website.

Thank you for the submission Micheal. We hope your buddy enjoys the blanket. Malibu Boats wishes him a full and fast recovery!

We really appreciate everyone who took the time to publish posts on Twitter and Facebook. The decision was really difficult. We received a ton of great reasons detailing why you all need the Malibu blanket. Here are some of our favorites.

Ed Knutsen (Malibu Facebook Fan)
I don't have a Malibu and I need it for crying myself to sleep.

Trent Johannesson (Malibu Facebook Fan)
My best reason is....because it's awesome and Gibbs and Singer are the best ;) , that and the fact I help out selling Malibu's at the boat shows for Wizard Lake for free!!!!

Jeremy Kuno (Malibu Facebook Fan)
I need one for my new Malibu to keep from freezing my butt of. 150lbs eat 6000 calories a day and can't put on the slightest bit of "insulation" to keep me warm. Plus it would be nice to have to snuggle my 4 year old water warrior in training.

Bailey Borchardt (Malibu Facebook Fan)
we have owned our malibu for like over 10 years and have always loved it . obviously malibu rocks since we have had our sunsetter four that long, now can i have the blanket?

Carol Wright Warr (Malibu Facebook Fan)
I need that awsome blanket because it is tooo cold to go boating in Idaho and because I own everything else Malibu. Rumors about Malibu underwear but I actually haven't found any to buy.

Paul Gregoire (Malibu Facebook Fan)
I boat with a guy name Aladdin and he wants his magic carpet back!! :)

@PhillipSoven: (Malibu Twitter Follower)
@malibuboats because I have a new house with a new couch WITHOUT a new Malibu blanket haha I assume I'm not eligable for this contest!

@SewNso: (Malibu Twitter Follower)
@malibuboats I need the blanket to fan off my incredibly HOT-look'in malibu wakesetter vlx!

@ChristianChance: (Malibu Twitter Follower)
@malibuboats because i passed the bar and never have to study again, and the blanket will eliminate my gf's only excuse to not be my driver

Lawrence Czaszwicz (Malibu Facebook Fan)
I need a one of a kind malibu blanket in my malibu response lxi because skiing is about showing off, and we'll show off that blanket.

Josh Moore (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Our boat just got broke into for the second time in 8 months from 2 different storage places and this time the damaged lots of seats. My family could really use some good luck. :)

Ann Carter (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Raised our kids on the water from babies to adults...Now have added a new grandson (10 months old)... taking him out to continue the tradition... Would be fantastic to start and end the day wrapped in this blanket!

Ruth Scruton (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Those 6:00am early morning runs always looking for a blanket to keep us warm and cozy between runs:o)

Jim Mason (Malibu Facebook Fan)
That would be awesome at the end of a long day here on Lake Norman, it always seems that all the beach towels are sopping wet but no one wants to come in. Send it off to the Mason's and it will definitely get used this summer. Thanks

Brandon Carroll Noble (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Early season skiing with 38-40 degree water and 50 degree air temp, gotta love skiing in the Rockies blankets are always nice to have

Kyle Handy (Malibu Facebook Fan)
My two year old daughter needs something to keep her warm. She gets taken to the lake on every earlier morning run. And we like to start early so she is pretty chilly at 630 in the morning in April!!

Kristina Suetos Feldman (Malibu Facebook Fan)
For snuggling with the family while watching the sunset.

Mitchell Grunig (Malibu Facebook Fan)
For watching the stars late at night laying on the sundeck of my VLX on beautiful Lake Minniwaska

Ryan Henderson (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Every year, the Purdue Waterski Team host an Alumni Tournament (Current team vs Alumni). At the tourney, all the Alumni participate in an auction which the students put together. This auctions is the largest contribution (around 4 grand) for this team that gets them thier boat lease (a Malibu Response from Poncies Watersports in IN) every season... See More. Malibu willing, I would like to auction this off for the skiers at Purdue University (I am a skier alum from '08). I know it would mean a lot to the team! Thanks!

Craig Hillyard (Malibu Facebook Fan)
it would be great for keeping the girls warm on early runs in waterfall bay, nsw, australia. there are only 2 wakesetters in my area so anything to promote malibu and wakeboarding would be great.

Stu McK (Malibu Facebook Fan)
My number one reason to my girlfriend why I had to buy a Wakesetter last year... "Babe, its got a heater, a hot water shower, and a plexiglass windscreen." My old boat had none of these awesome features, and when boating on a river in Canada you definitely need these options! There`s nothing worse than having a cold and cranky girlfriend when your favorite thing in the world to do is cruise the river in a Wakesetter!

@MarcosTorresMT: (Malibu Twitter Follower)
That's why I need the Malibu Boats blanket! Or am I too late? Lol
Snug as a bug in a rug... @malibuboats

@macsales: (Malibu Twitter Follower)
@MalibuBoats Need the blanket because our Echelon doesn't have heat and only get to ski early in the AM before work - and I live to ski

Sonja Ziegler (Malibu Facebook Fan)
We boat in Minnesota. 'Nuff said. :)

Robert Reynaud (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Girls don't like to snuggle in wet towels.

Matthew Henderson (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Because i want one.

Liz Brandt McAllister (Malibu Facebook Fan)
MALIBU ROCKS AND MAKES THE BEST WAKESETTER ON THE MARKET....Would be another great advertisement as we cruise the Chain of Lakes in northern Illinois!!

Laurie Nash Anderson (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Ooooo! I want this REALLY bad, not b/c I need it for warmth - hey, I live in TN, it's HOT in the summer here - I need it for the "cool" ness factor!!!! We already have the coolest boat on the lake ('07 wakesetter vlx), so why not add to the coolness with this really awesome blanket?!?!?!

Brad Targgart (Malibu Facebook Fan)
The only way to top off a run behind the best all around ski, wake, and footin boat, would be to wrap up in this blanket. Malibu stands for quality and performance. What better way to show pride in your ride but by having one of these on board for those cool morning runs, or late evening cruises . If this blanket is truly a one of a kind, then it just goes to along with its name....Malibu Boats.... There is nothing like a Malibu...

Lisa Barnes Dietrich (Malibu Facebook Fan)
Just ordered our 3rd Malibu, gonna try the Wakesetter hull this time! Can't wait; however, until the boat comes in we'll be shivering with anticipation for our wonderful new boat and all of the new gadgets that will keep us warm & cozy! Until then, ...we need something to keep us warm! Please, oh, please, I hope our boat gets done before Memorail Day weekend! :)

@CarwinArmy: (Malibu Twitter Follower)
@malibuboats I'll take it with me to #ufc116 and hold it up with my #teamcarwin sign!

Thanks again to all who posted their Malibu blanket reasons! We will be giving away Malibu swag from time to time this Spring and Summer. Keep your eyes on the Malibu Boats Twitter Channel and Facebook Fan Page for more opportunities to win.

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