Monday, February 15, 2010

Mintert Family Honored in My Life My Boat Movement

MDWSA DonationMalibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) is promoting their customers with the “My Life My Boat” movement. Malibu Boats wants to give back to boat owners who further the Malibu Difference. The My Life My Boat Movement was born from this goal. These owners promote Malibu Boats and water sports by exhibiting truth on the water. Many of them also selflessly support their communities and their country. This is why Malibu wants to reward them with some well-deserved exposure. Malibu will shine a light on the passions that make up these dedicated owners’ lives, on and off the water, in an effort to give back to them.

Eric and Whitney Mintert are Malibu boat owners that embody the spirit of the My Life My Boat movement. Nominated by their local Malibu Boats dealer, Stateamind Watersports in St. Louis, MO, Eric and Whitney have a passion for wakeboarding. This water sports couple promotes Malibu Boats, their local dealer and the sport of wakeboarding every chance they get. Owners of a Malibu Wakesetter, the Minterts give back to the sport of wakeboarding and their community every year by participating in the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Water Ski event hosted by Stateamind Watersports to benefit the Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association (MDWSA). For 2010 Eric and Whitney decided they would do even more.

The Minterts resolved to help and give more to the MDWSA. Actually, they weren’t Mr. and Mrs. yet. Engaged at the time, Eric and Whitney took their affection for wakeboarding and parleyed it into a large donation to a local organization that strives to better adaptive waterskiing and help disabled athletes.

The MDWSA is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization that was incorporated in the State of Missouri in March 24, 2007. Founded to improve the lives of children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities, visual impairments, and special needs by involvement in adaptive water skiing.

MDWSA was created for the betterment of adaptive water skiing and the disabled athlete in response to a need in the community for an organization that will focus its energy and resources to professionally develop, organize, promote, and provide a comprehensive program of adaptive water skiing for those with physical and developmental disabilities, visual impairments, and special needs.

Eric and Whitney’s wedding date was scheduled for January 16, 2010. As a couple starting their lives together they probably had a need for tools that couples normally acquire as wedding gifts, but Eric Whitney had a different idea for gifts. Instead of a table of gifts or envelopes of money, soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Mintert asked their friends and family to contribute to a MDWSA’s money tree instead. Eric and Whitney’s invitation essentially said “No gifts”, but asked people to honor their new union with a donation to the MDWSA. They had flyers printed and placed on every table at the reception describing the MDWSA and encouraging donations.

Donations like this could be considered a luxury that many families, Malibu Boats related or not, cannot afford. Eric and Whitney didn’t let tight budgets prevent them from following through on their goal to do more for the MDWSA in 2010. They are just like many average American families who have excellent intentions, but are watching every penny right now. Eric runs his Family’s farming operation, like men in his family have been doing for generations. Mintert Farms is a small Agave farm in West Alton, MO. What makes Eric and Whitney different is determination and disregard. They're disregarding the status quo. There are many ways to give to charitable organizations. Eric and Whitney thought outside the box. They didn’t give up on the idea of giving more, instead they gave it some thought. They found a way to generate donations for MDWSA without over taxing their finances.

Stateamind Watersports hosted the 2010 New Year’s Day Polar Bear Water Ski event. Andrew Davis, Sales Manager for Stateamind Watersports, recapped the event. “It was freezing cold, but we pull skiers and boarders. We also sold sweatshirts and hot drinks. All the proceeds went to the MDWSA to purchase equipment and help keep the organization going.”

Eric and Whitney showed up with a big check and donated it to the disabled athletes at the event. “What a great way to start the New Year!” Andrew continued, “Eric and his fiancé are wonderful people!”

Malibu Boats is extremely pleased to feature Eric and Whitney Mintert as the My Life My Boat February honoree. We are happy to shine a light on the selflessness and dedication Malibu boat owners like the Minterts exhibit in everyday life. Thank you for all you do, Eric and Whitney. We are proud to have you in the Malibu Boats Family.

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