Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take the Malibu Truth is on the Water Challenge

Truth on the Water Challenge InviteWhen a boat is on the water, boat dealers and manufacturers can’t hide behind false claims, sales tactics or inflated marketing budgets. An on-the-water demonstration offers a level of guaranteed truth that may not be certain in a dealership or at a boat show. For these reasons Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) has developed a custom event that can be initiated by you, the buyer, to gather the boats of your choosing in one location for a true side by side comparison. The Malibu Boats Truth is on the Water Challenge calls out competing boat dealers and encourages them to put their boat on the water for you, where it counts most. On the water you will benefit from a completely accurate picture of your water sports boat choices. Once you are in a Malibu boat on the water, the decision will be clear.

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Local Malibu Dealers are extending invitations, at your request, to competing water sports boat dealers to take the Truth is on the Water Challenge. Bring your family, your friends and your gear so you can accurately gauge the usability of these boats on the water. You pick the time, the place and the participants. Your Malibu dealer will create a custom invitation for you to deliver to the boat brands you would like to participate in this on-the-water assessment. If the competition accepts the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate Malibu and the other guys side by side on performance, innovation, construction and interior accommodation. The Truth is on the Water Challenge will get your top brands together on a lake near you to answer all of your questions honestly.

Contact your local Malibu Boats dealer or visit your nearest 2010 boat show to set up your Truth is on the Water Challenge. This event will give you definitive answers to all of your water sports boat buying questions. Even if the competing boat dealers you have chosen don’t accept the challenge, take this opportunity to test drive a Malibu boat. The truth is on the water and Malibu Boats knows once you test their boats in a real-world boating situation you won’t own any other brand.

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