Tuesday, December 8, 2009

University Student Inspired by Malibu Boats

Found this article on University of Dayton (@UnivOfDayton) art student, Erin Masur JR, who was inspired to pursue an education in graphics arts by Malibu boats (@MalibuBoats) design.

Written by Daniel Whitford - Staff Writer for University of Dayton Student Newspaper FlyerNews.com.

Erin Masur traces her interest in art back to family vacations to Norris Lake in Tennessee.

"My favorite type of boats are Malibu boats, and the graphics on the sides of those are awesome," she said, describing her inspiration to pursue graphic design.

"My dream job would be to live on the lake, drive half an hour down the mountain every day to work and design for Malibu boats."

As a junior visual communication design major, Masur has kept the theme of family in her life.

"We're a lot of fun," she said of the visual arts community at UD. "I know friends in the same major at other schools. They don't have the family that we have. We're supposed to be competing with each other, but we make each other better."

This has lead Masur to work toward creating an art fraternity, Lambda Gamma Tau.

While it is still in the planning stages, Masur said she is excited about its potential.

"It was going to be a graphic design fraternity, but since you have all these foundation classes the first two years and then everyone breaks off, you don't see each other anymore," she said.

She also said she sees the benefits that it will hold for the underclassmen.

"I want all the grades to be together so that people can feel more comfortable asking us questions now that we're the older ones," she said.

Masur said that graphic design is a lot of fun but also takes time and effort.

To read this entire article visit the University of Dayton Flyer News Online.

We are proud to be one of your inspirations, Erin! Thank you for mentioning Malibu Boats and good luck with school.

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Jackie Wessel said...

OMG!!!! This is my friend!!! How awesome!! I'll have to send her this link and let he know you guys mentioned her!!!