Friday, October 9, 2009

Saving Screens With Dynamic Malibu Boat Images

Malibu Boats 2010 Brochure CoverMalibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) is introducing a screen saver that updates with new Malibu-related images automatically. At Malibu Boats we capture and receive some amazing photography. These images are featured in our brochure, posted on our web site, uploaded to the Malibu Boats channel and more. Whether they are images captured for Malibu by a professional photographer, photos provided to us by industry partners or shots submitted by Malibu owners, we are proud to display them. That's why we were excited when Nick Murto, founder of the online wakeboard community (@WakeFirst) and co-owner of the internet marketing firm Seven2 (@Seven2), came to us with the idea of an auto-updating screen saver as another way to share Malibu-related photography as it becomes available. Murto, a Wakesetter VLX owner himself, customized this screen saver for Malibu Boats and we have made it available for download for free.

Additional Links
Malibu Boats Screen Saver Preview Video
"Screen Saver" set on Malibu Boats Channel.

Simply download the Malibu Boats Screen Saver ZIP file for PC or MAC. Then install. The screen saver will load. Finally, sit back and watch the Malibu Boats images stream in. When we add additional shots to the Malibu Boats Screen Saver those updates will be downloaded to your screen saver automatically, as long as an internet connection is active. That's all there is to it.

The Malibu Boats Screen Saver image playlist is always available in the "Screen Saver" set on Malibu Boats Channel. Here you can see what's playing currently and learn more about each photograph featured.

If you would like your boating image to be featured on the new Malibu Boats Screen Saver, please email

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