Monday, October 12, 2009

Malibu Boat in Country Music Video

Australian country artist, Shea Fisher (@SheaFisherMusic) filmed a music video featuring a Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Wakesetter VLX. The video for her song Just The Excuse, from the album "Everyday Girl." One of our Facebook friends, Jake Wojcicka, sent us the link to Fisher's YouTube Channel. We love the tune, but more than anything we were excited about the amount of screen time the VLX gets. Thanks Shea! And thanks Jake for giving us the heads-up!

We talked with David Thorpe about this video and it turns out Malibu Boats Australia supplied the boat. The boat in this clip was also used for the Australian TV show Wakelife. Thorpe is the Marketing Director for Malibu Boat Australia. He let us know the video was filmed in New South Wales, Australia. Thorpe also gave us some information on this 22 year old from Portland, Victoria, Australia. Shea Fisher is the daughter of Australian bull riding and bareback riding champion Eddie Fisher. Just The Excuse, From the album "Everyday Girl" through ABC Music/Universal Music Australia, made it to #1 on the ABC Country Music Station in Australia. Now Fisher is breaking into the American country scene. You can catch her first US single Don't Chase Me on CMT and GAC.

We are going to keep eye on this rising country star. We'll keep the blog posted. Good luck Shea. We're listening...

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