Monday, April 27, 2009

Had a Great Time at the Spring Break Factory Event

We recieved this e-mail from Malibu boat owners Dennis and Gwendy Hayden after they returned from attending the Malibu Boats Spring Break Factory Boat Show in California.

My wife Gwendy and I had a great time! The weather was beautiful and there were lots of friendly faces. We met with Amy [Amy Mauzy, Marketing] who introduced us to to Paul Singer [VP Sales and Marketing] who graciously took us under his wing and introduced us around and made us feel right at home. He was very patient with all of my many questions. Paul from R&D [Paul Gaines, Research & Developement] tolerated all of my technical questions regarding retrofitting my boat for a sub-woofer, even showing me on one of the boats how to remove the panels for access, and then gave us personal tour of the factory which was excellent. It is nice to see how the boats are made and the steps involved in making a quality product especially from someone who really knows the process and can explain it well in layman's terms. Gwendy especially felt even more confident seeing first hand how well our craft is constructed. Paul [Paul Gaines, Research & Developement] is a great asset to your organization. We also met with Jorge [Jorge Martinez, Customer Service] who had assisted us with a previous warranty issue. He had been very helpful in getting the problem resolved and wanted to touch base with us in person to make sure that we were satisfied. We met with our local dealer and obtained some good information for our friends who are seriously considering getting a new Malibu. They are really impressed with our Sunscape 20 LSV, but also like the Wakesetter VLX with the diamond hull. I think their only question now is which boat is right for them. Kelly from Sporting Edge is going to arrange some comparison test rides for them next week to help them decide. Paul Singer extended an open invitation to them to come and visit the factory which they plan to do as time permits.

We not only met Malibu employees but some of their families as well and genuinely felt the family friendly atmosphere there. Cudos to all the staff and management for creating a work environment that is healthy and family oriented.

We had a really nice time and felt very welcome at the Malibu Spring Break California Factory Boat Show. I know that we will be telling our friends about our experience and will, of course, be promoting the benefits of owning a Malibu. Now when we think of Malibu we think of a company that is well above and beyond the competition. We will definitely attend the event next year.

Thank you so much for coming Dennis! We loved getting to know you and Gwendy. Can't wait to see you next year.

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