Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Malibu Boats Rockin' Wikipedia Thanks to Malibu Crew

We check the Malibu Boats Wikipedia page from time to time to see if there is any new Malibu Boats information up there. We have tried to update the page ourselves, but it always gets rejected as being "too commercial'. Which is a good thing, I guess. Wikipedia is a great tool because it offers unbiased true information.

Well, on this last trip up to the web dictionary we noticed a big change. The Wikipedia page on Malibu Boats has been completely repopulated with true, extensive and up-to-date information on Malibu Boats. It even lists source links for the new web site. It's awesome!

Turns out we owe a big "Thank you" to the Malibu Crew and specifically member "tj_in_kc" for researching the process and then updating the page. Thank you TJ! After reading this Malibu Crew thread we found crew members and moderators have attempted to up date this page for us before. We would like to thank you all!

We appreciate the time you dedicate to furthering the Malibu Difference and educating people about Malibu Boats. You are a one-of-kind group and Malibu Boats is stronger because of dedicated owners like you. Thank you!

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Tim said...

Hey wow, this is really neat you have my name up on your site! Believe it or not I'm tj_in_kc. I created the page based on any and all information I could find about Malibu.

I am also a Malibu owner. I own a 2007 Malibu V-Ride that I bought from my local dealer (Barry at B&B Marine) in Smithville, Missouri.

My home lake is Lake Lotawana, Missouri, a private lake in the suburbs of Kansas City. Gosh i really wanted to put some pictures of my boat, and my family on the wikipedia page, but it would have violated the neutral point of view standards and could have been cause to have the page shutdown again.

Anyways, your welcome i guess for creating the page, however it was surely my pleasure. I love my Malibu!

Anyways big boat show coming up in Kansas City this weekend, hope to see lots of new Malibu's and maybe the new Axis out there!

Malibu Boats said...

This blog is the least we could do, Tim. We really appreciate Malibu owners like you and the Crew. Hey and if you are looking for somewhere to send those pictures of your boat and your family send'em to us. We would love to post them in our e-newsletter and on the blog.

Have fun at the Kansas City Show! Let us know what you think of the new '09s.