Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing the 2009 23 vRide Value-class Wakeboard Boat

February Malibu Boats E-newsletter 23 vRide Feature Story

The new 23 vRide wakeboard boat from Malibu Boats has gone from high-end wakeboard schools to a low cost option for wakeboarding enthusiasts.

The 2009 23 vRide wakeboard boat from Malibu got its start as a pro trainer, touring the nation and in some of the country’s most elite wakeboard schools. This Malibu boat can school you, your family and your friends without the sting of that private school tuition. The 23 vRide is a large family wakeboard boat with the all performance a water sports family or a crew of pro riders needs.

The 2009 23 vRide has an impressive resume. This 23-foot by 8.3-foot Malibu has trained pros, toured the country and taught riders on their way up. Veteran Team Malibu rider Gerry Nunn and world champion Darin Shapiro have trained behind this Malibu boat. In fact, Nunn’s house was a popular stop for some of the World’s best riders when this Malibu 23-footer was at his dock. Nunn has also pulled his 23 cross-country, several times, to teach during the Malibu Just Ride Clinic Series. Shapiro used his 23 to instruct at his wakeboard school, Ride the Spot.

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