Sunday, November 9, 2008

Danny Harf Landed His 1260 Behind a Malibu Boat

We are probably a little late on this, but we found out something really cool this week. After watching Danny Harf's 1260 video and talking with Team Malibu Pro Rider Chad Sharpe, we found out that Harf landed his 1260 behind Shrape's Wakesetter VLX back in September.

You can get a few glimpses of Chad's VLX in video and it looked like his boat to us, the first time we saw it. We saw the white Illusion X tower, the white boat and we thought we got a look at the Wakesetter brand on the side of the hull. We also saw that distinct looking wake. So we asked Chad if we were seeing things... He confirmed that Danny landed the history-making 1260 behind his Wakesetter.

Harf is a good friend of Malibu Boats and our team riders and we wanted to offer him our congratulations no matter what boat he achieved this accomplishment behind. But now that we know it was done behind a Malibu, well, we are that much more happy to share our congratulations with Harf.

Way to go, Danny! And thanks for lending him the boat Chad. Just goes to show Malibu Boats can help you achieve your riding goals no matter what your skill level.

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