Friday, April 18, 2008

We won't tell you your call is important to us

Automated phone systems, everybody's got one. You call into just about any company, small or large, and that call is greeted by a prerecorded or synthesized voice chanting, "Your call is important to us..." This mantra is repeated at 2-3 minute intervals until a live human being can answer the phone.

That's not the way we do it at Malibu. Talk is cheap.

Instead of trying to convince you that your call is important to us by saying it to you over and over we go a different way. We show you. We make you feel your importance to us by respecting the time you have taken to call us and actually answering the phone ourselves.

At Malibu your calls are not routed through an automated system. When you call 209-383-7469 you are not directed through a series of menus and ultimately to a call center of off-site customer service contractors.

At Malibu your calls are answered by an honest to goodness Malibu employee and because Malibu Boats is partially employee-owned there is also a good chance that you will end up talking to an actual owner of the company. You can call the main number at our headquarters in Merced, CA and be connected to just about anyone who works here. Name your poison. Which Malibu employee would you like to speak with? Paul Singer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing? Mike Sanchez, Director of Warranty and Customer Service? Dan Gasper, Director or Research and Development? Call and ask for me, Amy. I'm the only Amy here and I would love to speak with you.

There is no separation between you and us at Malibu. We recognize that you are the reason we have jobs and we treat you accordingly. Your call is important to us, but you won't hear that statement uttered by an automated attendant or looped on our on-hold message. You will feel the importance we put on you as a customer when your call is answered at Malibu Boats. We are never to busy to be bothered when it comes to a member of the Malibu family. You and your call are important to us. Believe it...

After reading the recent post, Who answers the phone?, by Seth Godin, I was inspired to make this related entry on the our blog.

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