Monday, April 28, 2008

Enjoying the Ride at Malibu National Demo Day

Malibu Boats Demo Days commenced around the country on Saturday, April 26, 2008. Boat owners and potential buyers visited their nearest Malibu Boats dealer to test drive their favorite models and get together with other water sports boating enthusiasts.

The reports from participating dealers and excited attendees are coming in and it sounds like the Demo Day events were a big hit.

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awsome! awsome! AWSOME!!!! I went for my first ride on demo day in a VTX, WOW! what a boat . everything i"ve read about is so true. I was so impressed with the throttle response. to how crisp and sharp the turns were. it was very roomy and comfortable, except when the driver made the sharp turns I thought I was gonna fly right out of the boat. I think I might have to add some seat belts. LOL! Our VTX arives in two weeks and its gonna be the longest two weeks of our lives.

To learn more about the Malibu Boats Demo Day visit the Malibu Boats website. Some Malibu Dealers have postponed their Demo Day to wait for better weather. You can find more information about those Demo Day schedules here.

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