Friday, January 4, 2008

New York Boat Show Buzz

As the first major boat show of the year, the New York Boat Show gains a lot of national attention in the media. But that attention doesn't seem to include new models or industry breakthroughs this year. The media is buzzing about the economy and the depressed effect it is having on many boat builders. However, it was even difficult for the reports at the New York boat show to focus on doom and gloom after strolling by the Malibu Boats booth. They noticed right away a crowd of people swarming the booth. Once everyone peeled off, the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V was revealed. This boat and Malibu have become the bright spot of several news stories and broadcasts over the past few days at the show.

Visit for a look at their New York Boat Show Report.

Visit our the 2008 Boat Show gallery on created from photos taken at the New York Boat Show.

Visit the Malibu Boats Web Site for information about the 2008 models.

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