Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 Shows are Going Off!

We just received the latest report from the 2008 boat show scene and everything is going great! The Malibu factory personnel traveling the boat show circuit are pumped, as are the dealers. Booth traffic is phenomenal, thanks in part to the buzz surrounding the new Corvette boat. The demand for these boats is high world-wide. This demand is bringing more attention to the other boats in Malibu's line, as a result.

On Saturday night, at the Atlanta Boat Show, the Landrys spotted the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V when they were checking out a houseboat across the aisle. Being the owners of a C6 Corvette car, they immediately noticed the boat. Turns out they purchased the Corvette boat that night. Now they are a part of the Malibu family. Happened just like that!

Visit our the 2008 Boat Show gallery on created from photos taken at the New York and Atlanta Boat Shows.

Visit the Malibu Boats Web Site for information about the 2008 models.

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