Monday, January 14, 2013

Freedom Wake Park Opens In Orlando!


After running a highly successful private coaching program for several years, Cobe and Tarah Mikacich have opened up a new location for wakeboarding in Orlando called Freedom Wake Park.
Cobe, one of the sport’s best ambassadors, has been working on this location for five months, and has been diligent with permits and regulations, because he knew this was the best venue. “It’s been a lot of work, but it feels good to know we have found the best spot for our students.” Cobe said. “This site offers perfect conditions for wakeboarding and wakesurfing and we have plans to set up a System 2.0 cableway with rails.”
It’s no secret that Cobe and Tarah have been training some of the best junior riders on the scene, as many of them are on the podium at King Of Wake events across the nation. “Developing junior riders has definitely been an area of focus for us,” Tarah said. “But we also help all kinds of riders from all over the world — from first timers to people training for the Pro Tour. And with wakesurfing’s growth, we’re going to offer specialized wakesurfing camps and have fun with that side of the sport as well.”
With a Malibu WAKESETTER VLX and full gear lineup from O’Brien, Freedom Wake Park is fully operational, so be sure to contact them for any inquiries. Also supporting the park is Ten 80, SAYiWON’T, Shred Ready, Indo Board, Hangtyte, B4BC and Great Lakes Boat Top.

Freedom Wake Park
7200 Lake Ellenor Drive Orlando, FL 32809

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