Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Will Asher Wins European Slalom Championships

Congrats to Will Asher for winning the European National Championships in Recetto, Italy on August 19. Will rounded 1 buoy at 41 off in the finals to win this event for the fourth time in his career. Malibu's Thomas Degasperi landed in third.

Will reflected on the event and what it felt like to represent England at the championships, "There's something special about winning a gold medal, flying the flag on the podium and hearing the national anthem as the team sings along." 

Will made some key adjustments during the contest that paid off big time, "I felt great all weekend and learned a lot about the site, boat and driver during  the preliminary round. I completely changed my game plan, the way I skied and my skis' setup in the final to take the boat out of the equation. My plan paid off, and I won the event by a sizable margin. It was great to win in Italy, at such a fantastic site, with the British team Cheering me on. Recetto is also the site where I ran 39 off for the first time." 

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