Thursday, May 31, 2012

Celebs Choose Malibu

Question: What does a UFC fighter, IndyCar driver and a Country music star have in common?
Answer: They all know how to roll!

In early May, UFC's Shane Carwin, race car driver Charlie Kimball and country singer Jake Owen all took delivery of their 2012 boats on the same weekend. Although they're all from different worlds, these guys are sharing the same passion during their free time.

Carwin, who fights in the heavyweight class, picked up his Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV from Tommy's Slalom Shop in Denver, Colorado. He is most excited to spend time with his family on the water. "Big thanks to Tommy's and Malibu for being a part of our family and having us be a part of theirs," Carwin said. "Tommy's is the best not only in Colorado, but the best in the nation." Carwin is training for a return to the UFC and you can follow his progress at

Charlie Kimball, who just placed 8th in the Indy 500, obviously knows what he wants out of a machine, and decided the Axis A22 was the perfect fit. "I'm used to high performance and quality products, designed for pushing the limits of physics. So in everything I do, I'm always looking for that same level of performance," Kimball said. "Being from California, I grew up around the Malibu brand. When Axis launched, it really resonated because it's a young brand, based on performance rather than comfort or stuff that I don't really need when I'm on the water. I'm not looking for a shower at the end of the day. I'm not looking for a heater, I'll just put a sweatshirt on. I need a good wake that I can surf behind and have something to get all my crew and friends on to relax and escape all the pressures we have with racing. Axis is just a quality boat that fit my needs and my personality."

Kimball is very excited for the summer and told us about his favorite moment that keeps him coming back to the water. "For me, it's that early morning, glassy lake, first one out there feeling. It's quiet, the sun's burning that morning haze off and the whole day is ahead of you. That moment of anticipation really epitomizes what it's all about. This summer, I'm going to be on the water with people from motorsports, other Indy drivers and my mechanics, who work countless hours every day of the week. It's my way to thank them and give something back to them for their hard work. It will be our disconnect. I turn my phone off and relax, restore, rejuvenate. So when I do get to the racetrack, I've got that much more energy and excitement, to get in the car and go kick ass." Follow Kimball online at

After a number one country hit and smash video in 2011 for "Barefoot Blue Jean Night," it was no secret Jake Owen was a ripping wakeboarder. Featured in the video is Owen's Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV towing him and his friends for a fun day on Tennessee waters. Jake grew up in this environment, and the size of his back roll shows how good he actually is. No, it was not a stunt double, but he gets asked that all the time. Jake is also good friends with Team Malibu rider Brian Grubb, and the two have hung out quite a bit. In May, Jake switched to the all-new Wakesetter 22 MXZ and has already had plenty of good days on the water this summer. Check out his updates at

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