Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thomas Degasperi Factory Visit

Malibu skier Thomas Degasperi, who is currently #2 on the Elite Slalom Rankings, came by the factory in Loudon, Tennessee to check out his new Response TXi. 

He also had a chance to check out the boat building process, where he showed a genuine interest. Degasperi also got to hang with CEO Jack Springer, Lani Farmer and Ritchie Anderson. Later that evening, Drew Halford (Director of International Sales) took him out on the town. "We had a great time and left a trail of broken hearts in our wake," Halford said. "I think Thomas is still receiving texts from a few local women who want to be the next Mrs. T-Gas."

Here is a recent excerpt from WATERSKI Magazine's Leading Edge about Degasperi:
There are few skiers on the planet who have the confidence to perform their best when it really matters. Thomas Degasperi is one of those skiers. This season, he took first place in slalom at Global Championships and Worlds, not to mention third at Moomba, fourth at Masters and fourth at the Malibu Open. It takes a clear mind to consistently ski well, he says. “If I start to look at the people on the banks, if I listen to music or the announcers, if I look at other skiers to see what they’re doing, then my concentration level decreases.”
So how does the two-time world slalom champion stay on his game? His aunt Mariella, a therapist who studied sports psychology, talked through several relaxation techniques, which she recorded for him to use before he competes at tournaments. “Her techniques help me relax both my mind and my body, so that I’m ready to compete when the time comes,” he explains.

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