Thursday, October 6, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Regina Jaquess Speaks On New World Record

Slalom Champ Raises The Bar to 2 Buoys @ 41' Off

It was like déjà vu. Regina Jaquess walked into the Eddie Green Budweiser Octoberfest with fond memories. Exactly one year ago, she signed with Malibu Boats and set a world record at the same site, getting through 1 & 1/2 buoys at 41' off behind the Response LXi. This year, on the first day of October, this 27-year-old competitor would have an opportunity to top her own record and she was psyched to give it a crack behind the all-new Response TXi.

The event took place on Lake Louie, where Regina resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. It's also the site where the legendary Cory Pickos runs the Pickos World Ski Center. After sailing through the full course at 39' off (something only five women have ever accomplished), Regina set her sights on 41' off. This is a totally different ballgame, because when the 34-foot rope is outstretched alongside the boat traveling 34 m.p.h., the handle is still 3.5 feet away from the skier's buoy. That's where Regina is at a slight disadvantage at 5'4" tall, compared to her other competitors with a longer reach. But she was able to combine her skill, focus and intense training to make history as she carved around both the one and two-ball, entering into a territory no other woman has ever been.

"That was a great feeling," Regina said as she climbed onboard the TXi, which has been getting rave reviews. "This boat is driving way better than any boat out there. It's not pushing as much water and the wakes are smaller and softer." She's also noticing something that every slalom skier wants more of, "When you make your edge change, you gain so much free time. It helps you swing and really maximize every inch of the course. You are always connected with this boat."

Driver Chad Scott has now towed the current world record for both men and women and knows exactly what he wants out of a towboat for peak slalom performance. "This boat drives down the course on a rail. It's glued to the water, but you still have the ability to react if you need to. There's less counter-steering involved compared to other boats because the TXi has no slide, no floating feeling. But it's still maneuverable and easy to drive. There were some really good scores behind it all weekend in every division. The TXi is the best boat I've ever driven."

On Monday morning after the event, Regina shifted gears to another focus of hers, where she is part-owner at a local pharmacy. Regardless of the inherent, lack of adrenaline around the office, she was still buzzing from her killer performance. Regina took time to reflect on the past year and values her role on Team Malibu tremendously. "Between Will Asher, Thomas Degasperi and myself, we really feel like a special crew. Malibu's staff takes time to make sure we are taken care of and you don't always see that out of a boat company. When you know they are there to back you up, you can't ask for anything more as an athlete. In the end, they are just pushing themselves to be the best boat out there. I've driven every boat on the market today and the TXi is the best… hands down."

Video:Watch Regina break her previous World Record Run


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