Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Degasperi Earns Another World Slalom Title

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Pro Slalom athlete, Thomas Degasperi (@TGas81) captured his second World Championship Title at the 2011 World Water Ski Championships in Dubna, Russia.

A past World Champion and silver medal Men’s Slalom winner, Team Malibu’s Thomas Degasperi was skiing towards a repeat at the 2011 World Water Ski Championships in Dubna, Russia. The Italian born slalom skier took the water in Russia with the confidence of his recent domination at the Global Invitational and his rigorous Malibu Response LXi training regimen as an advantage. Degasperi climbed to the top podium spot on July 23, 2011 with 3 buoys at 41’ becoming a 2-time World Champion Slalom Skier and the holder of the World title for 2011.

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Going into the final round Degasperi was not even in the top three, but that didn’t seem to faze him. He stretched for every turn and in the end came out on top slicing past fellow pro Aaron Larkin by an entire buoy for a winning run of 3@41’(10.25m). Degasperi received his new World Champion Title on Saturday, July 23, 2011. Larkin and Nate Smith finished second and third respectively.

Lani Farmer, Team and Event Director for Malibu Boats, had this to say about the current World Champion. “We’re so proud of Thomas. The World Slalom Title could not be held by a better guy. He’s not only a wonderful skier, but he’s a great person and an unbelievable ambassador for Malibu Boats and the sport of slalom skiing. Great job Thomas!”

Skiing extremely well this year, Degasperi’s competitive performances seemed to be hinting to a new level in his skiing. He edged out the 2010 World Slalom Champion and his Malibu Boats teammate, Will Asher, at the Global Invitational. Degasperi took this confidence and skill into Worlds and came out with his second Men’s Slalom Title.

His training regimen also had a lot to do with Degasperi’s resurgence as a World Champion. During the summer Degasperi trains in his home town of Trento in Northern Italy with his Father Marco and the Italian Federation coach, Bubu Alessi. The other half of the year Degasperi trains behind the Malibu Response LXi at the Drew Ross Ski Academy in Orlando, FL. A fellow competitive slalom skier, Team Malibu member and good friend, Ross helps push Degasperi to be his best with the help of the LXi’s pull.

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