Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Malibu Boats 2011 Backstage Pass

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) has updated the video that pulled back the curtain on the performance, innovation, construction and interior excellence that goes into their award-winning boats. The new video contains 2011 model footage as well as an in-depth look at Malibu Boats Illusion G3 Tower and accessory production. As the only water sports boat manufacturer to design and produce their towers in-house, Malibu Boats has some unique shots to share. The 2011 Backstage Pass video is available to view and share on Malibu Boats YouTube Channel.

The “Malibu Boats Backstage Pass” was filmed to give viewers a 10-minute glimpse into the Malibu Difference. Performance, innovation, construction and interior details are described and shown through out this video. Watch this video and gain a better understanding of the World’s No. 1 selling water sports boat manufacturer, the Malibu people and the award-winning boats they create.

The Malibu Backstage Pass video demonstrates the power behind Malibu Boats performance. Amy Mauzy, PR Manager for Malibu Boats, explains Malibu’s custom hull options, big wake enhancement versatility, World Record slalom performance, handling characteristics and ride. Malibu’s National Promo Team Director, Dennis Kelley, also talks in detail about the research that goes into Malibu performance design.

“Versatility, handling, ride, wakes, it all comes together on the water and that’s where Malibu boats separate from the pack,” Mauzy concludes.

Paul Singer, Marketing Director, outlines the developments that have made Malibu Boats the innovation leader in the water sports industry. Singer describes a few of the industry firsts implemented by Malibu including the MaliView Dash and Entertainment System, frameless windshields, the new Illusion G3 tower with weightless fold-down and the engineered fin-saver swim platform.

Singer also goes into detail about Malibu’s proven production processes. He focuses on their meticulous gel coat preparation and application, the extra steps Malibu takes in lamination, the Malibu Fiberglass Engine Chassis System (FibECS) and the unibody construction that creates a Malibu boat’s quiet ride. Malibu Boats Production Manager, Reese Stansell weighs in on the company’s superior in-house production of components in additional to the boats, like the new G3 tower. Like many signature Malibu parts, this new industry-altering wakeboard tower is designed, created and assembled in-house at Malibu Boats to ensure quality.

“We don’t build boats this way because it’s easier or inexpensive. We do it because it’s the right way and gets us closer to our goal of building the best boat possible,” Singer explains.

This updated video gives you unrestricted access to factors that make the Malibu Difference. Enjoy!

Watch this new video from Malibu Boats learn more about the Malibu Difference.

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