Monday, June 29, 2009

2010 Malibu Illusion G3 Tower Preview

Malibu has led the charge in tower design and performance for many years. This year we expand the technological edge over our competitors with the new Illusion G3 gas-spring assisted tower featuring weightless fold down.

Check out some of the first photographs of the 2010 Malibu Illusion G3 Tower on the Malibu Boats flickr channel.

From the solid foundation of billet aluminum bases to the billet tower support wings backing the 3” stainless steel hoop the Illusion G3 is unshakeable. The Illusion G3 features dual gas spring shocks to assist in creating the feature of weightless fold down. This new feature now enables you to fold down the tower in minutes, even by yurself. The new tower design incredibly blends the best of form and function in creating the most advanced tower on the market today. The G3 is also accessories-rich featuring a set of two Titan spinner/slide-off wakeboard racks standard.

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