Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Malibu Dealers to Demonstrate Truth on the Water

Dealers plan to put their Malibu boats where their mouths are across the nation on May 2nd. These dealers are demonstrating the truth on the water and exposing boat buyers to 2009 Malibu models and innovations first hand. Attendees will have the opportunity to test 2009 models like the new Wakesetter VLX, 21 vRide, 23 vRide and Response FXi as well as the Patented Power Wedge, the new 6.5-inch Color MaliView Dash System and Rider Presets. Experience the boats that have garnered seven consecutive Boat of the Year Awards and earned fourteen World Records on the water where it counts.

On May 2nd the truth is on the water all across the nation. On this date Authorized Malibu Boats Dealers will be assembling fleets of ’09 Malibu boats at lakes throughout the United States. These boats are not just for show. The Malibu Truth is on the Water Demo Day is a chance to experience your Malibu Boats model and/or innovation of choice, up close and personal.

Malibu Dealers will take this opportunity to strengthen existing customer relationships and create some new ones. Dealership representatives will be available to answer questions, facilitate a demonstration or allow new boat buyers to explore and drive the Malibu models on their own. All of this exploration will happen in close proximity to refreshments so participants can replenish after the jaw-dropping Malibu Boats experience.

To find your nearest Malibu Boats Truth is on the Water Demo Day on May 2, 2009, visit: or e-mail

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