Friday, February 8, 2008

The Vet Goes Over Big in Alabama

According to Birmingham News staff writer, Mike Bolton, "It is rare when a single boat dominates the talk of the Birmingham Sport and Boat Show, but it seems that everyone coming through the turnstiles of the BJCC [Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center]... wanted to know where to find the Corvette boat."

The Malibu Boats dealer in Birmingham, Skier's Marine, rolled their Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V into the Birmingham Sport and Boat Show on January 28th. The buzz started then and hasn't stopped. Skier's Marine has done a wonderful job of getting the word out on the Corvette boat there locally and once that wildfire of Americana was lit there was no stopping it.

"I have never seen one boat draw so much attention," said Derek Odette, a sales manager for Skier's Marine, which is displaying the boat. "Everybody that comes along wants to get inside and touch it."

On Wednesday, January 30th, the first day of the show the Corvette boat on display was sold. It didn't even make it to the weekend. Luckily the gracious buyers allowed their Malibu Boats dealer to keep the boat on display until the end of the show. This way all of the other interested viewers had a chance to see this unique craft.

To read the full article on the Birmingham Boat Show and the Corvette from The Birmingham News click here.

To view the photo gallery visit theCorvette Limited Edition Sport-V gallery.

Visit the Malibu Boats Web Site for information about the 2008 Corvette boat.

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